Proven Carpet Cleaning Process in NYC

When it comes to cleaning rugs and carpets, there are many different ways to do the job. As with most things in life, they aren't all going to get the same results. That is why we have developed a carpet cleaning process that is proven to work well for all our clients. This process allows us to come up with the exact strategy needed to get carpets cleaned correctly, and without causing any damage. It is especially important to have this type of plan in place when working on antique and vintage rugs, which can require a special approach to avoid causing problems. Please read on to learn more about our carpet and rug cleaning process, and if you would like to schedule an appointment, please dial 718-840-3560 today.

Learn About the Carpet or Rug

The first thing we do is learn more about the carpets or rugs that will be cleaned. This will allow us to make informed decisions on things like what cleaning products to use, what settings on our machines, and much more. There are many factors to consider including how a rug was made, how old it is, how dirty it is, and much more. Our team has been working in this field for many years and will have no trouble coming up with the right approach for any type of floor covering.

Focusing on Stains

In most cases the best way to start is by removing any existing stains. This can also include specific spots that are particularly dirty because of high traffic or other issues. By getting these areas clean first it allows us to perform the rest of the cleaning process all at once, which can be very important. It will also give us the opportunity to come back to these areas after the main cleaning is done if necessary.

Deep Cleaning with Proven Products

The next step is going to be to perform the deep cleaning on the carpet or rugs. To do this we use powerful cleaning machines that use steam and carpet shampoo designed specifically for cleaning these types of fibers. The products we use are not only extremely effective at cleaning, but they are also safe for use around pets, children, and anyone else who is in the area. When we're done with the job, we will also take care to dispose of the waste water in a way that is safe for the surrounding environment.


Proper Inspection

We work hard to make sure we get your flooring cleaned properly, which is why this last step is one of the most important. When we're done cleaning we will look over the entire area to ensure nothing was missed or needs another pass. If we see any areas that still aren't looking their best, we will go over them again until everything looks just the way it should. You can even look everything over to make sure you are completely satisfied with the work we have completed.

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