Choose Antique and Vintage Rug Cleaning

If you have an antique or vintage rug that needs to be cleaned, it is important that you choose the right company to help. Not all carpet cleaning companies will have the equipment and experience needed to safely clean these types of rugs without damaging them. Our team has years of experience working on this type of thing and we would love to help get your rugs looking their best again. Read the rest of this page to learn of the various reasons why you should choose Antique and Vintage Rug Cleaning for this type of service. You can also give us a call at 718-840-3560 to speak with one of our customer service professionals and set up an appointment.

Safely Clean All Your Rugs

Cleaning any area rug requires the right products and equipment in order to get it done correctly. If things are done wrong it can actually cause damage to the rug that can be quite costly to repair. We have been cleaning all types of rugs for years, and would be happy to help with yours. Whether you have a newer rug that needs to be deep cleaned or an antique option that needs some extra care, our cleaners can get it all taken care of without delay.

Antique & Vintage Rug Repair or Restoration

In addition to general deep cleaning of area rugs we also offer the best rug repair and restoration options in the region. It is not uncommon to find antique or vintage rugs that have frayed edges, holes in them, or other types of problems. Give us a call to come get them repaired and looking their best once again. For larger scale repairs or restorations we can pick up the rug and bring it back to our shop to complete the job. This is a convenient option that will allow you to enjoy your rug for many years to come.

Full Service Rug & Carpet Cleaning

In addition to offering the best antique and vintage rug cleaning in New York, we also provide all other types of rug and carpet care. It is recommended that people have their floor coverings deep cleaned at least once every 12-18 months. In high traffic areas it should be done even more frequently to ensure the rugs and carpets look great. We provide exceptional deep cleaning options that will keep your floors looking their best at all times.

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No matter what services you need from us, our team will be more than happy to come out and get the job done right. You can give us a call at 718-840-3560 to speak with us about what you need. We can talk with you about the exact options you require. From there, we can provide you with a free, no-obligation estimate on how much your services will cost. This will allow you to plan out exactly what you need, when you need it. Thank you for considering us for all your rug cleaning needs in NYC.